First-rate presenters are confident, engaging and really interesting … which is why they’re so successful.

And, besides downloading my free e-book, ‘How to prepare a first class presentation’, here are 6 things you can do to help you to be a confident, engaging and interesting presenter, too.


  1. Get ALL the details about the gig

    You don’t want to turn up two hours late or at the wrong venue (it’s been done) or on the wrong day (yep, that’s been done too). No mistakes!

  2. Study your audience very closely

    Spend time on this. It’ll pay off. What’s the culture? What are they like? What do they know about you? Engineers are different from human resource managers are different from lawyers and so on. You need to talk to them on their terms, not yours.

  3. Your 3-year-old loves stories

    And so do people who are 13, 33, 43, 53, 63, and beyond. Stories bring real life to presentations (e.g. why and how did who to what? Fit your story to both your point and your audience and you’re there. Not hard to do!

  4. Say a lot about a little

    This is sometimes hard to do … but necessary. Many presenters want to tell their audiences EVERYTHING they know about the topic. Resist the urge. Three or four well-made points will yield you greater dividends than 20 where you might wind up saying ‘a little about a lot’.

  5. no-bullet-points

  6. A presentation is a ‘show and tell’

    Your audience is there to watch and listen. They are not there to read. So, showing slide after slide filled with bullet point lists and other writing is bad technique. Show pictures! Your visual aid (e.g. PowerPoint) can supply them. You can look after the words. You’re more interesting than a slide, anyway, so capitalise on it. Lots of writing and bullet points = 3rd rate!

  7. Don’t go over time

    Straight up, audiences don’t like it! Don’t even think about it. Edit on your feet, if necessary, to finish on time. You’d be surprised at how well such an action will be appreciated.

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