You get only one shot at being alive so Owen is packing in as many experiences as he can.

That’s really valuable for a professional speaker and presentation skills adviser; even better for audiences and clients. Why? If you have a wide range of experiences, you will have a stable of personal stories. Audiences love stories (just as much as three-year-olds), and Owen’s clients learn how to incorporate their own into making powerful presentations.



Here’s where Owen’s stories come from:

  • Raised on the land in north-eastern Victoria. The best start anyone can have.

  • Played drums at school and became a professional jazz muso. Still plays.

  • Joined the RAAF and graduated as a jet fighter-pilot. Later, also qualified as a flying-instructor. No better flying.

  • Left the RAAF to become a full-time musician and became a professional actor instead. Whoa…big surprise! His two kids, though, thought it was a hoot. ‘Look, Dad’s on television!’

  • Eight months as an ABC announcer.

  • Invited by a Western Australian law firm to teach presentation skills. That was the start.

  • Professional speaker. Keynotes, after-dinner, foreign ‘expert’ performances.

  • Rally commentator and driver. On 18 rounds of the World Rally Championship in Perth, Owen was a commentator. On Western Australia’s final event in 2006, he drove a Subaru WRX STI … and didn’t come last.

  • Professional writer. He’s written ads, reports, website content … and two books.

Owen can help you to be a better presenter. Run one of his in-house courses. Enjoy the experience!