“I was amazed at how everyone improved over the day.”

Pam Gabriels, Director, Western Hearing Services
Perth Western Australia

Public speaking – just you, your microphone and your audience

Speeches are presentations, but, as visual aids aren’t used, they’re not very interactive. They’re perfect for motivating people. Here are 3 things to do to help you make great speeches:


  1. Use the Power of 3

    When you make a point, always use 3 items to exemplify it. For example, ‘She deserves your votes because she knows what she’s doing, she works hard, and she is as honest as the day is long.’ Never 2; never 4; use the rhythm in 3.

  2. Pause

    Silence adds drama. All great actors, comedians and speakers use it. It’s known as timing.

  3. Don’t read your speech word-for-word

    This is a big mistake. When you write your speech out you will use written language. That’s not how we talk to one another. Yawning audiences will greet your reading.

Weekly quote

“The human brain starts working the moment you are born and stops only when you either die … or stand up to make a speech.”
Attrib. Sir George Jessel

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