The 1-day public speaking course


  • Story-telling: How to find and tell the stories that will matter to that audience.


  • Rhetoric: The rules of the ‘art of persuasive speaking’.

  • Voice: The voice has its own power when telling a story.

  • Body language: There are words … and there’s physical movement. They both count.


  • Without notes: Talking without notes? Not hard!


  • There’s lots more …

  • Story-telling: Kids and adults alike love and respond to stories. Used well, you’ll influence your audience.

  • Rhetoric: Increase your ability to help others see your point of view.

  • Voice: ‘It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.’ You’ll learn how to.

  • Body language: Your audiences will be delighted that you’re able to engage with them (e.g. eye contact).

  • Without notes: No notes – that really makes an impression.

  • Good! Glad to take it!


Develop your public speaking skills. Join my 1-day course.


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Develop excitement, authority and friendships with your public speaking skills. Join my 1-day course in 2015 and 2016.